Lenny Kravitz Video – American Woman

Lenny Kravitz Video - American Woman

Lenny Kravitz performing American Woman is today’s YouTube addition to Top Rock Music Videos. American Woman was originally released by The Guess Who – American Woman in 1970 and later covered by Lenny Kravitz in 1999. Lenny’s version in his music video steers away from the original versions political, controversial theme and instead emphasizes the …[continue to watch video]

Paper Tongues Video – Ride To California

Paper Tongues - Ride To California

Paper Tongues video Ride To California, is based on the song from the bands upcoming debut album expected to be released over the comings months. An interesting band, 7 members, attracting attention while currently touring the U.S. Making appearances with bands such as Flyleaf, Papa Roach and Alice in Chains in a Rockfest date. From …[continue to watch video]

Creed Video – Overcome

Creed performing Overcome is today’s requested YouTube addition at Top Rock Music Videos. Thanks goes out to the visitor who requested this video to be posted, it Rocks! Great song! Overcome is the first track on their album titled Full Circle, which was released in October, 2009. The single reached the #4 spot on Billboard’s …[continue to watch video]

Aerosmith Video – Pink

Aerosmith Video - Pink

Aerosmith performing Pink is today’s addition to Top Rock Music Videos. The band and their video for Pink won the 1998 MTV Best Rock Music Video Award competing against: Dave Matthews Band — “Don’t Drink the Water”; Foo Fighters — “Everlong”; Metallica — “The Unforgiven II”. Pink is a single from the band’s 12th studio …[continue to watch video]

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